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We have found that our clients want a single point-of-contact for direct answers to their financial needs. We serve as that resource. In a world increasingly dominated by technology, our clients value the direct connection to our team.

The level of personalized service is a reflection of the client’s particular needs, objectives and constraints. We believe advice is best given with full knowledge of the client’s complete financial picture. Clients rely upon us for matters ranging from the routine to the extraordinary.

Our Approach

Market environments continually change, as they did in the “lost decades” of 1966-1982 and again from 2000-2008. Therefore, we believe that active management should be blended with buy-and-hold to smooth the ride, reduce volatility, and increase long-term results.

Investment Process

Our investment process is rooted in the science and data that shapes the investment process at many of the nation’s largest university endowments. 

Customized Solutions

Professional trading tactics have the potential to significantly advance clients’ goals for money preservation in challenging market conditions. Many of our clients have built up substantial wealth, and their main concerns are its preservation rather than beating a benchmark for stocks. As a result, we work to keep ahead of inflation for our clients while lowering risk and volatility.


What We Do

Our Services 

Wealth Preservation

We focus on the client relationship, develop customized, objective solutions to protect and grow our clients’ wealth. In addition, we incorporate tax reduction strategies that further help to focus on bottom line results. 

Investment Management

We’ll put your money to work in low-cost investment vehicles, balancing your risk tolerance and capacity in a tax-efficient way.

Tax Planning

Simply put, we’ll craft your plan so that you pay as little in taxes as possible.

Tax planning also includes your charitable inclinations, family status and income.


OnSite CPA accountants

Old North State Wealth Management has on-site CPA’s that can provide non-profit tax planning, tax research, preparation, and communication with all federal, state, and regulatory agencies.

Personal Financial Planning

Building and preserving your personal wealth requires specialized attention. You get one-on-one guidance and a comprehensive financial plan that helps manage risk, improve performance, and ensure the growth and longevity of your wealth.

Retirement Planning

Whether you want to retire at 35 or 75, we’ll put you on the right track.

Everyone is different. Depending on your goals, your income, and your desired lifestyle, we can help design a retirement plan that fits your needs.

Why Choose Us

Our Expertise and Values and Transparency


Registered Investment Advisor

We are subject to the regulatory standards that are set by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission.


We are paid to give advice and manage your portfolio. Fees are directly tied to planning and portfolio management.

wealth management

Unlike most other firms, we have CPAs and Investment Advisors under one roof. This allows our teams to effectively communicate, monitor, and manage our clients’ financial affairs.


We are fiduciary financial advisors – we are bound by law to put our clients interests first and why wouldn’t we anyway! If you are not dealing with someone who is a fiduciary, then they may not be putting your best interests before selling you products you don’t need.


Our loyalty is firmly to our clients. We are not bound by anyone to sell you anything. What is best for the client always comes first.

Institutional Access

Our clients benefit from the same cost savings as institutional investors. This access is typically not available to individual investors.


Our independence allows total transparency about our offerings. Relationships are built on trust. Working with a financial advisor is a big decision. We do our best make everything as transparent as possible so there are no surprises.


Client Portal

 This secure online access goes far beyond viewing their existing holdings, account balances, and online trading. The client portal is used for document transfer and a hub for important files and information.

Our Team

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Paul Knott

Paul Knott

CPA/PFS, CFP - Managing Partner

Susan Brown

Susan Brown

Client Relations Manager



Compliance Officer- Financial Advisor

David Parsons

David Parsons


Charles Buckland

Charles Buckland

CPA/PFS - Financial Advisor

Glen Hedrick

Glen Hedrick

Financial Advisor